New Year = New Me?

I don’t want to be a whole new me, I like who I am (most of the time), I would just like to become an improved me.

I’ve never exactly warmed to the whole New Year’s Resolution thing. Maybe it’s because by giving myself a list of things I want to do makes me feel as though I’ve been doing something wrong for the entire year or that what I did do wasn’t good enough. Who wants to feel like they aren’t good enough? It could also be because deadlines are the bane of my existence. I am a serious procrastinator. It’s a real problem. I’ve looked into finding some anonymous group that could help. Maybe something like PA, procrastinator’s anonymous, but so far no such luck. Which is why I have decided to make my list of goals public, hoping that will help me stick to them. Fingers crossed.

First things first; if you are reading this still, thank you and I’m sorry. You will be privy to my goals for this year and you’ll get to watch me struggle to meet them before the New Year is up, so pull up a seat and get ready for a wild ride.

Goals for 2016:

  1. I am going to blog everyday this year. Now, I am not promising that every blog will be witty, insightful, or even more than just a few words, what I am promising is that there will be an entry every single day this year. I’m already regretting this and the year has not even begun.
  2. I will work on my procrastination problem. Honestly, I am hoping that the above goal will help with this one.
  3. Eat healthier or more importantly stop eating so much crap. At home and at work I just eat stuff that is awful for me and it is seriously time I stopped.
  4. Be more active. I work 12 hours sitting on my sizeable ass, so I need to get up and move more often.
  5. Get my shit together or to put it more appropriately be more organized in my personal life as well as my professional life. My professional life is sort of organized just because I hate to work in a chaotic environment, but it could be more organized. My personal life has no organization at all…I pretend to make schedules in my phone’s calendar, but rarely follow the plan I have laid out for myself.
  6. Be more fiscally responsible. I can be super bad with money and I’m so very tired of living pay check to pay check.
  7. Improve my credit score. I just recently thought maybe, just maybe my credit score should be higher than my age…
  8. I would like to become more adventurous and by that I mean that I’d like to get out more often. I’ve never been the social type necessarily and while I don’t want to change that completely I would like to see more of the world around me and experience new things.
  9. Finish one of the several novels I’ve started. I always tell people that I want to be a writer when I grow up, well news flash chica you’re 25, so get on the ball.
  10. Stick to the above list. This I added partly because I didn’t want to have an odd number of resolutions (I may have a touch of OCD) and partly because repetition is the key to success.

Now that I have verbalized my goals I’m planning on making each of them part of my every day blog. That way even if I’m just giving an update of how my battle against myself to make sure I stick to the list I have posted something. Ha.

2015 was a good year for me, so this first entry is being made of the last day of 2015 with the hope that 2016 will be even better. Stay tuned for a look inside the crazy world of me.