Day 1: Introductions


Today is the first day of my adventure. Thank you again for joining me. I thought just too sort of ease into this I would introduce myself and perhaps talk about this blog’s subject matter. Easy enough, right?

I’m Chelsea; book loving, almost constantly dancing 25 year old mother of one extremely adorable French bulldog, Watson, from the great state of Texas. Those are the pertinent facts.

As far as subject matter, at this point it is kind of up in the air. I want to have it set up as a day in the life type thing, but honestly sometimes my life is super boring. Today for example, I’m at work (riveting I know). I’ll get off at 5 pm, go home, make dinner, watch a little tv, make a list of things I need to get done before my next work cycle starts, and then tuck myself into bed early. I’m sure you’re already searching for a more exciting blog. Way to go Chelsea. Despite the fact that my life is sometimes less exciting that watching paint dry, I redo furniture, search thrift stores for goodies, and decorate, so sometimes I’m a tiny bit cool/exciting. I may just be kidding myself, but please don’t burst my bubble just yet.

Every day I will post, regardless if I have done anything noteworthy or exciting. At the end of each post I will confess some deep dark secrets, my caloric intake for the day and daily activity (obviously I mean physical activity). I don’t want anyone operating under this misconception that this is a fat girl trying to get skinny blog, far from it; I have a fondness for food. My thoughts are that if I know at the end of the day I have to divulge what I’ve eaten I will be more conscious of what I’m putting in my mouth. I will be using an app to track what I’m eating as well as charting and keeping track of my physical activity and corresponding calories burned.

To help with my resolution of becoming more financially responsible I will post weekly balances for my checking account as well as savings – hopefully this will help with my spending.

Now that we have a better understanding of what the hell I’m doing here, let’s get to it.

I rang in the new year doing my favorite thing, sleeping, I’d like to pretend that if I didn’t have to work this morning that I would have gone out last night and celebrated with my fellow man, but honestly while I may have stayed awake long enough to see the clock ring in the new year I would have done it from the comfort of my own home in my PJs. I already mentioned that I am not exactly the social type.

I ate moderately healthy…note to self though, I don’t really like the taste of raw sugar snap peas, they have this very dirt-esque taste and yuck. Aside from the nasty taste my midmorning snack left in my mouth today was a good day. Friday’s are almost always a good day, this day is especially good because it’s also my Friday (I work a 4 on and 4 off schedule) I had the office all to myself (the rest of the office had the day off).

Still searching for a planner. Last year I bought a simple planner and used it for a few months, but because it didn’t really have everything I needed to organize my life I kind of gave up on trying. This year however I am doing my research to find one that I can actually use in my everyday life to not only keep my organized, but accountable for spending, eating habits, and goals.  In my afternoon of searching I think I may have found something that is perfect, I will post links, pictures, as well as updates when I finally get the darn thing.

Summary of the day as of 4:40 pm

Caloric intake: 1,517 – information acquired from an app on my phone call Lose It!

Calories burned: 0 – apparently sitting at my computer doing research for this blog and my personal life doesn’t really burn calories.

Remember that I am allowing you in on my journey through this year so if ever you have any questions, suggestions, or just comments please feel free to leave them below. This will be much more fun if I know at least one person is out there shaking their head and thinking/typing/saying, “Really Chelsea?”

Until tomorrow… Stay wonderfully wild!

Chels AKA A Crazy Dame


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