Day 2: Chilly Willy

Ugh, sleep patterns are a major bitch. My body decided to ignore the fact that it didn’t need to wake up at 5 for work and make sure I was up before the sun. Today is my sleep in day or it was supposed to be. To sweeten my early morning the universe decided I needed to deal with a splitting headache. I laid in bed sulking for longer than I probably should have before dealing with the aforementioned headache, but I did finally leave my cold, dark sanctuary after a quick stretch, teeth brushing, and face washing.

I always complain about getting up early because the truth is I would stay in bed all day if it was possible, well it’s possible, but not healthy. Anyway, even though waking up early is the pits I did get a ton accomplished before 10 am. I cleaned out my fridge, grocery shopped, cleaned up my work area in the garage, put another coat of paint on my chairs, and started this blog entry.

The rest of the day was a tad less productive. I lazed about on the couch with the dogs watching movies between loads of clothes, more coats of paint, and putting together my new command station. Due to the nasty weather, hence the title of today’s entry, we are currently experiencing I was feeling a little sluggish.


This is how I spent the majority of my day, as a dog pillow.
Also, that’s Lois Lane, my brother’s English bulldog, using me as her bed. My beautiful baby is curled up at the other end of the couch.

Once the command center is complete and hanging I’ll post pictures of that as well.

I did have a little junk food today, but I’m a firm believer in the thought that if you’re craving something you better have a little of it before the hankering becomes so strong you binge. I did add my bad snack into my calorie counter though l, balked at the number, and then cried a little inside as I put my delicious snack away for another rainy day. Even with my bad snack I’m still going to come in under my calorie budget for today (information gathered using the app Lose It!).

Is Facebook addiction a thing? I may be suffering from it, which hurts my soul. I find myself constantly opening the app and scrolling FOREVER through stories and trash. Previous to last year I didn’t have an active account, but reopened my profile to get back in touch with the world, but more and more everyday I think I should have just stayed off. Before this month is over I may very well delete my account again..

Currently dinner is on the stove, I know it’s only 4…I’m an old woman, but it is what it is. So I’m going to go tend to my soup and try to stay warm.

Caloric intake: 1,884
Calories burned: 575

Until tomorrow. Stay wonderfully wild.
Chels AKA A Crazy Dame


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