Day 3: Sunday Funday?

Finally I got to sleep in!! Yay! Granted, I slept a little too long this morning, but I need to catch up on my sleep and get a good 10 hours.

Due to the fact that I slept until 10 am I got a very late start and subsequently didn’t have a completely productive day.

I got an order for a pallet sign, so I made a run to one of my favorite supply stores with my best friend in tow. After walking around ooing and ahing wishing we had tons of money to buy everything we loved I grabbed what I needed and headed home.

My kitchen chairs turned out super cute and now that they are done I just need to  get my table started and I’ll finally have a wonderful table for my tiny space.


If you’re interested in the process I used to paint my kitchen table chairs I’ll be happy to answer any questions. .

Dear sweet Zues my house is filthy. Christmas gifts from 2 weeks ago are still on my small sofa and there are blankets strewn across my couch, floor, and bar. I really need to clean this pig sty, buuuuuuuuuut I probably won’t even start on that until tomorrow.

For tonight I’m going to get some things I bought ages ago painted and prepped for hanging in my bedroom. Of all the rooms in my apartment it is currently the least decorated, even my brother’s room is covered in posters, mine is dreadfully dull. I’ve been more concerned with making sure the living areas of my home, the ones others see, are beautiful so my own room has gone ignored for months. I’m trying to remedy that situation.

Also, I started my laundry, now if I only I could fold the laundry that’s already clean..perhaps that’s asking a little too much. My closet needs to be cleaned out…maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow as well. We shall see.

Caloric intake: 2,519 – jeez
Calories burned: 192

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild.
Chels AKA A Crazy Dame


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