Day 6: Back to the Grind

The old saying goes, “work smarter not harder,” and for whatever reason it really chaps my hide when someone doesn’t follow that rule and then complains about having to work harder. As if it is someone else’s fault that you can’t learn to work smarter. Seriously, it’s one of my major pet peeves, but then again almost everyone I work with is a peeve so….

Maybe I’m a snob when it comes to intelligence, I do usually dislike people who seem unintelligent. Great I’m a snob. Just to clarify on my previous statement I don’t hate stupid people, I dislike people who act stupid. Do you see the distinction? Probably not. There are different levels or categories of intelligence, so everyone has smarts that someone else may not have. I just hate it when someone doesn’t act like they have even some kind of higher level of thinking, those kids who just call each other bro all day and speak in only slang. For whatever reason the word bro make roll my eyes and grit my teeth, it’s like nails on a chalk board.

Also, people who just act like they’re dumb to get out of things really piss me off too. I always like to say I’m happy person but I’m noticing quite a few things make me mad or crazy…maybe I should reevaluate…

While I was doing that I worked.

Scintillating I know.


Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

Chels AKA A Crazy Dame


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