Day 9: Score!

It’s my Friday!!!! I don’t have to work tomorrow!! Even more exciting I get to go decorate my boss’ office tomorrow! WHOOP!

I thought today was going to be awful. My work laptop decided to take a crap and after we finally moved dispatch to the new office we didn’t have internet. It could have been a really terrible day, buuuuuut I found some super cool chairs at my local flea market (shhhh don’t tell my boss I shopped while at work today)


I can’t wait to get them looking all spiffy and beautiful. Eeek. I bought a circle table last week from goodwill that I was planning on turning into a semi circle table and maybe these chairs would go perfect. Maybe I’ll take one to my office and give everyone office chair envy. The possibilities are endless!

My brother, sister, and a couple of my brother’s friends helped me move my ginormous desk to the new office (I was a bit of a stubborn mule and wouldn’t let the crew move my stuff the other day because I’m an idiot). That damn thing was so heavy! Without injury we got it to the new office and tomorrow I’ll go and move everything around the way I want it, I’m very particular about my office.

The plan for tonight is to get two coats of paint on my table, spend some quality time with my dog on the couch, and relax.

Caloric intake: 2,025
Calories burned: 767

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka A Crazy Dame


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