Day 10: Snarky Sunday

Today was grocery shopping day and can I just say it’s so expensive to eat healthy. I stayed away from all the bad stuff and made sure to fill my cart with only food that was good for me. That was fun, she said sarcastically.

My boss’ office got all decorated, for the most part anyway…honestly I wish I’d had a bit more freedom to pick out furniture and really design a room, but alas it was mostly hanging pictures and cleaning up. Boo.

However, I am repainting my own office stuff and tomorrow I’ll go back to the office to set my little area up. I may even stay and get some actual work done. 

On a different note, I love my tattoos. I can’t count the number of times someone has stopped me to ask where I got them done or just to tell me how beautiful they are. While I’m not one who is ever thrilled when strangers approach me I always find myself smiling and speaking with passion when anyone asks me about my body art. A woman in line behind me at the grocery shopping asked me to roll up my pants because she wanted to see the flowers on my calves and I did so quickly. Of course then I felt sad when she asked where I got them done because my wonderful friend and tattoo artist moved last year to Portland.

Since she relocated I’ve been lost. I felt such a deep connection with her. Going to get a tattoo from her was more like spending the day with my best friend and I miss hanging out with her, talking, and laughing. I just miss her.

Tomorrow is another busy day, so it’s time for me to hit the hay. Hehe, I’m a poet now.

Caloric intake:2,310
Calories burned: 1,150

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka A Crazy Dame


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