Day 15: Okay Day

TGIF!! Just kidding, I still have 2 more days to work…I’ll just put my hands down and pop the celebratory balloons.

Today was an okay day. I got to try a new shake the name of which was very misleading. The shake is called wedding cake, naturally as a cake batter lover I was foaming at the mouth and so grateful to find a flavor I may actually look forward to having eveyday. Alas, the shake was not as sweet as the name. However I will say it was tasty enough that I could see myself having it everyday, I just wouldn’t be looking forward to it. If they ever do come up with a shake that tastes like cake batter someone please call me because I’ll be on that shit like white on rice.

None of my favorite celebrities died, so that was great. I don’t think I could suffer the heartache of another so soon.

My wonderfully lovely friend and tattoo artist messaged me, (Sara if you’re reading this I LOVE YOU!) which made my day even brighter.

I had dinner with my sister, enchiladas are always a good thing to me. Yummy.

Bills got paid…yay…not

And now I just have the weekend to look forward too, except my weekend will be spent at work indoors, but jokes on you! Monday while you’re trying desperately not to perish from the blues I’ll be sleeping in, so HA!

Depending on the weather here I may take one of my beautiful chairs to work to occupy my time. We shall see.

I hope you had a wonderful Friday and that you’re going to have a safe and fun weekend. Have a few drinks for me. 🙂

Caloric intake: 1,487 (holy crap! I had to double check that I put all my food in the log. Goodness, I wasn’t even starving today!!! Yay!!)
Calories burned: 203

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka A Crazy Dame


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