Day 16: Bed Haven

Today’s entry is being written straight from the comfort of my bed. My brother in laws birthday dinner ran a tiny bit later than I would like for a work night, but we did eat at a favorite place of mine, so I won’t complain. Ok, maybe I’ll complain a little, but only about how sleepy I was after filling my belly with delicious Chinese food.

To pay a small tribute to Alan Rickman I had a mini marathon at work. I watched 2 of the 6 movies they had of his on netflix. Forewarning, if Kevin Costner dies anytime while I’m alive I’ll be so distraught I won’t leave my room for at least a day.

I worked on my planner a bit today…still trying to figure out how I want everything laid out, but what I’ve got will work for now. Here are a few preliminary pictures.



The top is my planner where I’ve got it stored in my accordion file folder as well as the journal I’m keeping of my finances. I’ve been writing down where all my money goes and keeping all receipts so at the end of the month I can create a proposed budget and compare it to what I actually used my money for.

The second set of pictures is just a quick glimpse inside this month. Nothing terribly exciting.

My pillows are singing a sweet lullaby I cannot resist any longer. Good night moon.

Caloric intake: 2,313
Calories burned: so low it may as well be 0

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka A Crazy Dame


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