Day 18: Migraine Monday

I’m sure I mentioned this at least once in the past few days, but my house is filthy. Between the dogs, my stupid schedule, lack of energy, and my brother’s friends we have made quite the epic mess. I will conquer this mess! It just may not be today…

The top paragraph was written this morning at around I am while I was waiting for my pants to come out of the dryer. I did not conquer the mess. I decorated a room for my boss, made a few things for said room, had lunch with a friend, and then came home to nap.

Because I skipped breakfast, really dumb, a major migraine developed and quickly conquered me. After finishing up at my boss’ house I came home and napped…for 3 hours. I woke up feeling a million times better, but that means my day was super unproductive.

Hopefully tomorrow my house will get cleaned and I can get the garage organized (it’s a real disaster).

Caloric intake: 1,571 (maybe I should sleep away the day more often)
Calories burned: 0

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka Crazy Dame


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