Day 19: Mess Conquered

For the most part my house is clean again. Tomorrow after I bathe the dogs I’ll sweep again and scrub the floors. It finally looks like people and not pigs love here.

The garage is another story. That monumental mess will have to wait until tomorrow.

Although I did get my house clean I was a bad girl…I had junk food, I’m still eating junk food while watching Modern Family and painting stuff for my office. So while the actual food I ate today wasn’t unhealthy, the crap I’m eating now is terrible.

I’m also working on a couple of doggie beds for the two brats. My couch looks gross just because they are always licking, drooling, and messing around up here, so I’m hoping if they have their very own beds they’ll stop all the couch activites. Fingers crossed.

This habit of finishing my blog up from bed is working for me. I get to write my salutations right before I turn my phone off for the night. Sweet slumber.

Good night moon.

Caloric intake: we’re just going to very casually skip this tonight…

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka Crazy Dame


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