Day 21: Friday Blues

Well tomorrow is another day back at work. Bleh. Four days is just not enough. I need a vacation.

Today was another super thrilling day in the life of me. The only thing I accomplished was getting my laundry put away and grocery shopping for snacks for work. Wow.

Okay, so maybe I did have a lunch to discuss my plan for the craft fair coming up, but once I got home and started moving things around in my garage I ran out of steam.

So while I’m at work tomorrow I’ll be designing my logo, getting business cards made, and writing out a detailed schedule for the projects I need to finish before the show.

I’ll post a picture of the logo tomorrow as soon as I’ve got it all worked out. Oh, I also ordered some iron on vinyl to make shirts for the craft show! Yay!!

Anyway, I’m yawning and in desperate need of sleep to prepare for tomorrow. 5 am comes far too soon.

Good night!

Caloric intake: 2,278
Calories burned: eh

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka Crazy Dame


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