Day 27: Feelin Good

My feet feel amazing! It had been far too long since my last pedicure, so of course they had to break out the cheese grater to get the dead skin off my feet which almost got them kicked in the face, but my feet are so soft now. The hot stone massage was invigorating and made me feel so refreshed and relaxed, I could have totally napped after.


Can I just say that I had not realized that I was so pale. I mean I’ve always been pale, even in the summer my skin usually goes from white, to red, and then just slightly less white, but I had not realized how truly milky I was looking. After sluffing all the dead skin off my large feet I was like damn Chelsea you look like like a ghost.

This may not be the most politically correct way to say it, but I like being so white. It works for me, I look good pale and I’ve always looked a little strange to my eyes when tan. Being a ghost just works for me.

I also took apart and cleaned a table I bought a while back from a thrift store for 10 bucks and I’m turning it into two small tables. One will be going to work to serve as the table for the waiting area and the other to a friend who has a tiny apartment and needs a table. Pictures will be posted tomorrow of progress.

I had planned on going to Zumba today, but I had an enormous headache after lunch and all the aspirin in the world would not help, so I decided to start fresh on Monday.  Zumba is every Monday and Wednesday, so I’ll do that twice a week and then walk the other days.

I sort of moved things around in the garage so that I can work out there tomorrow on multiple projects. My car is in desperate need of a good cleaning as well, so maybe that will get done tomorrow…eh maybe I’ll just do it Friday morning before my trip to the thrift store. We shall see.

Caloric intake: 2,067
Calories burned : 0ish

Until tomorrow,  stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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