Day 32: Good Vibes

Personal milestone hit this morning! I refused a cinnamon roll!!! Hold your gasps of astonishment please. A coworker brought homemade cinnamon rolls, offered one, and I politely turned it down (my stomach was screaming “bitch are you crazy?! Yaaaaaaaaaasssssss we want the cinnamon roll). To placate the beast I grabbed one of my Greek yogurt flips and as I was eating the yogurt I promised my still rumbling tummy that the next time we were offered a cinnamon roll I could accept. That seemed to work, which was unexpected because I think that’s the first time someone has offered me a cinnamon roll in like ever…oh well.

You made me do math, thanks for that. I had to briefly think about what day it was because up until this morning all I had to do was look at my calender to tell what number the blog should be, but seeing as we’ve started about new month I had to do some simple math. 31 + 1 = 32. Go me for using that elementary education!!!

I skipped zumba again…Chinese food sounded better and because I didn’t have an afternoon snack I was starving when I left work…so yeah Chinese food won. It wasn’t really a difficult battle, more of a skirmish. Now by belly is full of delicious food and I’m ready for beddy by.

Just kidding, I’ll stay awake a few moments longer. I set up a budget today and made the decision to save $50 – $75 from every paycheck to fund my birthday trip to where ever I decide to go. As of right now the plan is to pay said money to my sister for safe keeping and once it gets a little closer to my big day I’ll figure out where I’m going and start making preparations. I don’t trust myself to save money on my own. I don’t have the necessary willpower…I just bought a new purse, to be fair the purse was only $12 but those dollars start to add up and instead of me getting to go somewhere fun and cool for my birthday I’ll end up doing the same thing I do every year. Shaking things up!!

Of, I stayed awake long enough to give you that oh so exciting news and now I’m going to pass the hell out. Peace.

Caloric intake: 2,225
Calories burned: ummm yea

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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