Day 34: Minty Heaven

Today was grocery shopping day, blek, I wanted to wait until tomorrow, but I was waiting for paint to dry so I figured I may as well get that errand out of the way.

I’m currently working on picture frames, both halves of my table, and the large coffee table.


This is a close up of one of the legs of the half of the table that is going to the office. I need to start using a better camera, but that means more work for me, so don’t hold your breath.


This is the large coffee table with one coat of paint. It’s a muted grey, I’m kind of obsessed with the color. I’ve used it on several different projects this week. In this case I’m using it as a base coat and I’m not sure at the point (3:28 pm) what other color I’m going to use on this table, but of course I’ll figure that out in a bit and update you.


Coat numero dous. Isn’t that color lovely? *deep sigh* I almost don’t want to cover it all up.

I spoke too soon. I mixed up the most magnificent minty shade and OH MY GOODNESS it’s great!!


The lighting doesn’t really even do it justice, but I also snapped a phto of the picture frame that I put the same color on in hopes that you can see the wonderfulness that is my new color.


On top of making major headway in two of my big projects I also went to my sister’s to break down her fence, she very graciously gave me the wood to make stuff out of like forever ago and because the craft show is coming up so I’ve got to get my shit together.

My mother is currently bothering the shit out of me…she’s down for a visit and has no idea how to work any of her fucking apps so she has been pestering me with her whiny ass voice to help her out of apps she’s been using for months and I’ve never even heard of. Thus is my life.

Anyway, we’ve got another jam packed day tomorrow, so I’m going to shut my eyes and hope that I fall asleep before my mother because she snores like a freight train.

Caloric intake: 2,843
Calories burned: 575

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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