Day 36: Thrift Store Hoppin

Today I traveled to San Antonio to pick up fabric for my coffee table and while we were there I ate delicious sea food, calamari is a weakness of mine, and visited several thrift stores. Unfortunately again I’m the worst blogger ever because I did not take any photos at all the goodies we waded through.

I also went to an estate sale…now I will admit that going through someone’s belongings doesn’t creep me out, I do that all the time at thrift stores, however when I have to actually walk through someone’s home to dig through their things gives me pause. I can’t really explain it, but I feel like I’m judging someone’s life, not just trying to get a great score. I’m constantly looking around to see if some little old lady is in the background watching her late husband’s things walk out the door. The thought that I’m taking the things that made up someone’s life from their own home is creepy to me and it gives me a sick feeling in my stomach. Of course that icky feeling didn’t stop me from buying things.


This was my score. I’m really stoked about the wooden shelf because I think it’s going to look AMAZING all spiffed up. At the first thrift store we hit I found a tiny replica of the wooden shelf, which was super cool!

When I got home I slapped more paint on my coffee table and I think it looks great! Now all I have to do is cover the top and it’s all done.


I also slipped out the slats in my shutters, I’m going to replace them with the cork board I got today at the estate sale and turn them into cute, shappy, note/mail centers.


I’m hoping to get paint on them tomorrow and then I’m going to install a small shelf right at the partition and they will be done. Yay! With slipping the little slats out I gained some more wood to work with and I’m trying to figure out what to do with them. I was thinking of making a small framed jewerly organizer, but we shall see.

I also picked up the fence wood from my sister that is already cut for my use and put extra braces on the 2 that are already sold. Tomorrow I will work of getting the rest of them braced and prepped so that on this hitch I can come home and finish at least one sign every night.

Caloric intake: 2,006
Calories burned: well I walked around a bunch…

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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