Day 37: Off to Narnia

I’m so not ready to go back to work tomorrow, but then again I guess I’m never ready to go back to work. My business cards came!!!!


Aren’t they cute?! I’m in love with them. I can’t wait to hand them out next Saturday!

Ugh, the craft show is only 7 days away now…and I still have nothing finished. I am the worst procrastinater. I’ve got a flew things mostly done…well not really a few. The large coffee table has been sealed and wrapped in plastic to save it from the other going ons in the shop. The windows don’t really need much work, I just need to get them cleaned, which I could be doing right now, but instead I’m having a snack and watching and movie. The shutters still need to be painted, distressed, have the corkboard installed, and their shelfs put on. Let’s see what else…I still have to go back and cut up the larger signs, but once that’s done the process of painting them should go fairly quickly. I haven’t even picked up the desk…shit I need to go get that…so once I finally pick that damn thing up I’ll have to clean it, paint it, distress, and then seal the darn thing. When I go back to my sisters to cut out the large signs I’ll take the wood for the other coffee table as well and cut them down. The wine rack has to be dealt with still and I’m sure there’s a million other things I still have to get done.

Tomorrow I’ll make a plan so that is can get at least one project finished everyday so that the night before the show I won’t have to be up until the crack of dawn trying to finish.

I’ll be preparing for bed shortly, we’ve got an early morning and a long day tomorrow.

Caloric intake: 2.004
Calories burned: 0

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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