Day 40: Ready to Rumble

I have got a couple of very busy days ahead. If I listed all the things still to be done you would look at said list and sat, “bitch whatcha you doin bloggin? Get to work!”

I promise I’m making progress. After I got home today I put another coat of paint in the inside of my coffee table drawers, slapped more paint of my shutters, should be finishing those up tomorrow, and now I’m taking a break and planning my next move. Right at this moment the best plan sounds like bed. The way I see it, if I go to bed early I’ll still be able to get up really early and then obviously I’d get more done…or I could stay up super late, but even just saying that makes me sleepy. So the plan is bed, wake up early, and get my butt to work.

I’ll show you my progress as I work tomorrow and Thursday.  As of right now I have the delusional hope that I’ll have everything completed by Thursday afternoon, so that Friday I can just pack everything up and get ready to move and set everything up Saturday.

I’m super sleepy folks, like my eyes are barely open right now…night

Caloric intake: 2,223
Calories burned: 0

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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