Day 41: Migraine Madness

I woke up with a major headache today, like so bad it made me dizzy for a bit, but I worked through it because I’m a trooper. Well not really, but I knew I had a shit ton of shit to get done and laying in bed was not going to get anything accomplished. 

Now I’m exhausted.  My headache never went away, it is still pounding strong away at my temples and making me want to vomit.

6 am was not as early as I originally planned, but it was too early considering the massive pain in my brain. After my breakfast I went out in the garage, cleaned up because while I don’t mind the mess having a cleaner workspace makes it easier to move around and get things done. I cleaned up my windows,  which was labor intensive. They were super grimy and gross. While they were drying I slapped some paint of a few picture frames I’m fixing up and tried to figure out how to make a top of a small coffee table I’ve had FOREVER.

Around midmorning my brother in law texted that he was up and available to help me pick up the desk from storage, so my brother and I met him to bring it back home. Here’s a little peek at the before.


You can’t really see it, but the top of the desk (it’s an old roll top) is sitting up on my saw horses in the back. Look at all the crap…sheesh.


Since moving it I’ve put 2 coats of off white paint of the entire thing, so tomorrow I’ll decide if I want to do one more coat, paint the drawers, and then after distressing wax the darn thing and be done with it.

This evening I finished up the windows, distressed the picture frames, added caulk to my shutters (I’m hoping it will kind of seal off some of the slats to hold mail better, fingers crossed) and laughed at some pictures I found on facebook.

Tomorrow is going to be another long one, hopefully I’ll sleep this headache away and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go…

Caloric intake: 2,139
Calories burned: no idea


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