Day 46: Goin Strong

I fell asleep at work today, granted it was just for the briefest of moments, but I was snoozing on the clock. The day sort of took a little longer than I liked, but it did finally end, so I’m celebrating by going to bed super early.

For a while now I’ve been saying that I’m going to go back to Zumba, but have yet to actually cross the threshold into the class. Tomorrow we are changing that. I’m sure that after I Zumba I’ll be dead to the world, but hey maybe I’ll sleep like a rock and wake up feeling refreshed.

Now that the craft show is over and the anxiety of not having stuff finished is over, I’m going to start working on my next project. These rickety chairs that I bought FOREVER ago and still haven’t even tried to touch. The biggest step I’ve taken toward tackling these things was buying paint stripper the other day…


I showed them to you ages ago, so the next time we see them they will be beautiful or laying in a broken heap on my floor. Let’s hope for the former.

I think for a change though I’m going to actually document the progress we make with the chairs step by step with brief instructions. To this point I’ve only given you some pictures of the process and very little information, so I really want to change that so maybe you can freshen up some dingy furniture in your home. 🙂

I feel like a ate so much food today. I munched on carrots and celery all afternoon…which got me to thinking that I’ve seriously been eating all the wrong things. Duh right…but seriously how many freaking chips would it have taken for me to get a slight fullness while eating them? Sadly almost the entire bag…which I don’t even want to fathom the calories taken in there, but today I ate until I was just getting to the state of being full and only took in 200 calories or less. What the heck…also, lately I’ve been eating small meals every 2 hours, so tomorrow I’m going to break that cycle and switch it to every 3 hours, so I’m not snacking as much, but I’ll be eating a little something before I leave work and won’t need to eat dinner really at all. Let’s see how that pans out…

Caloric intake: 2,143
Calories burned : 000

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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