Day 51: Early Bird…Yada Yada yada

I had too much sodium yesterday and I’m paying for it this morning. My delightful reward for all the delicious food I consumed was an early morning headache. Yay me.

Despite the gentle throbbing in my temples I managed to roll out of bed, have breakfast, and leave my house before 8 am to run a few errands. Now I’m working on getting the gar1back in some semblance of order so I can start working on my next project.

Here’s our haul from yesterday.


This is everything we got at the thrift store. Look at all those goodies!!


Cute little side table we snagged for 10 bucks, can’t pass up on that.


Second end table we grabbed, this one is bigger than the other and we paid 12 smackers! Both prices are really solid and very heavy, so I’m excited!! The plan is to take the larger one, gussy it all up, and donate it to a local auction. Philanthropy mixed with PR and a dash of hope that getting more of my stuff in the public’s eye will gain me a few clients.


One of the four chairs I got (the table I purchased with the chairs is still in the back of my car, so no pictures just yet. Once my brother gets up I’ll have him help me unload it and then I’ll set it up for a photo op. I almost always buy small wooden frames when I find them, they’re cheap, easily beautifiable, and I need stuff for my walls. We found 2 of those wooden decorative placards and they were a steal!


Cute wood screen and a few more frames. Don’t ask me why, but any time I see a funky shaped frame a grab it…it’s a real problem.


This is the other wooden placard along with some mountable candle holders (what the heck are these things called?) I’m always on the lookout for matching hanging hardware, I have a pair in my room that hang on either side of my dresser mirror and they hold my necklaces and headbands.


This is just another overall photo with the goodies I got from miachaels thrown in. They were having a big sale, so we snatched up some goodies.

I started working on the two chairs I’m going to take to work. But we will walk through that tomorrow because while it may not even be 7 yet, I’m so ready for bed. I’m so sleepy I’m fighting to stay awake on the couch right now.

Caloric intake: 2,166
Caloric intake: 767

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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