Day 53: I Love to Singa

Today was meal prep day for the very first time. I started with the easy stuff, my fruit/snacks and the dried sausage I bought.

I bought some food prep containers because I’m hard on Tupperware.  I forget them all over the place, break them, and destroy them with microwaving. Since I have so few good containers that match and are the same size I went ahead and splurged for some new ones on Amazon.

The package I bought came with 8 containers and matching lids, which is great since I work 4 day shifts. These first 4 containers now hold 1 cup of sliced strawberries and 1 cup of pineapple chunks.


Have I mentioned what a picky eater I can be? There are only a select few fruits (of the ones I’ve been exposed to as a girl from south Texas) that I like, so I know that I can and will eat strawberries and pineapple everyday,  I also have grapes, that I probably need to portion out in these containers as well because I like grapes, but I always forget about them and then they go bad…I guess I need to shuffle my fit around to make room. Great…


Look at all that yummy food. Now that my food prep is done for the day I wanna talk about what a pain it was. Something I struggle with is portions, even though I’ve been cooking for just 2 for months now, I still have a really hard time. I guess because for years I did the cooking for my family of 4 and we had to make food stretch, but I’ve got to get this shit under control.

Today I noticed it was a teensy bit easier to kind of figure out how much food to make for just me, but on some things I over estimated and of course made too much.

Meal 1: chicken taco/burrito bowl – I had already decided that this would be dinner tonight too, so the fact that I made way too much wasn’t so bad. I also had a cousin join me for dinner, so most of the food is gone.

Meal 2: chicken, rice, and broccoli – easy enough since I needed enough broccoli for 2 meals

Meal 3: chicken stir fry – I used broccoli from the above as well as the rice. Of course I still made just a bit too mich, but I’m sure it will get eaten soon. My stir fry is kind of a big deal.

Meal 4: chicken ranch wrap (goodness why didn’t I fry up a couple of pieces of bacon?) Missed opportunities aside it was super simple, though I need some practice for my wrapping/rolling technique. I couldn’t quite get the ends folded, but it will suffice.

Did you notice a reoccurring theme in the above meals? I used chicken for all of them. Wow. So what I did to make things more simple was grill all the chicken the same way, with the exception of the chicken for our tacos, I just gave each a very light seasoning and then threw them on the grill. Once all my chicken was cooked I sliced everything up and went about preparing each meal. For the stir fry I and nodded broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, a dash of sesame oil, and teriyaki sauce. The tacos have corn (which I also grilled, go me) black beans, lime and coconut quinoa, rotel, and of course taco seasoning. The wrap is self explanatory I think, I just slathered some ranch dip, stacked some lettice, laid out the chicken, and the sprinkled a little hot sauce over the entire thing. The last meal was just really simple rice, chicken, and broccoli.


Here’s all my little meals stacked and ready for me to grab each morning. You can also see my bag of celery, carrots, and the juice I use for my smoothies.

Now it has been a super long day. I finished up one of the shutters for my boss’s office and started painting the other chair. I’m ready for bed kids. I have a sinking feeling that this week is going to be a long one.

Caloric intake: 1,888
Calories burned: somewhere around 0

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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