Day 60: Leap Day

So we got an extra day, whoop. (Can you hear my sarcasm? ) I really did not do all that much with my extra day this year.

This is week 2 of meal prepping and this week didn’t really go any easier than last week. I need to come up with a better system for cooking all these foods at once. For my sanity I made the same things I made last week. Maybe on my next set of days I’ll get a little more adventurous with my meal planning, but for now grilled chicken based foods are working for me. I did have one triumph,  my wrap came out great!! I rolled that sucker up so well that I literally yelled out, “Yaaaaas,” when I finished.

I did a little cleaning in my garage. I needed to make room for the gross couches that are still in my living room, so I moved everything around, finally got rid of the mountain of trash that has been occupying the middle of the garage for weeks. Now I just have to get my brother and his friends to move the dingy, dog slober drenched couches out in the garage, sweep and mop my living room, and then pick up my new couches. Seeing as its currently 3 pm I doubt any of that is going to get done today. I’ve got Zumba at 5:45 pm and after that I still have to go set up the office waiting room, so…is think the couches may have to wait until tomorrow or possibly Wednesday.

I’m dreading going back to work, more than the usual,  “I don’t want to fucking work,” fit I throw every time I gotta go back. I’m still super embarrassed about crying and I’m terrified that the person who saw me cry is going to give me a look of sympathy and I may lose it all over again. I haven’t had any more emotional outbursts, so I’m hoping that those girly emotions have buried themselves once again and won’t resurface until I’m safe at home watching some sad ass movie, or commercial, or well whatever as long as no one is there to witness.

Please let these 5 days fly by.

Caloric intake: 1,024
Calories burned: 1,050
Check out those numbers bitches!!! That’s not even factoring in the hour or so I spent cleaning the garage! What what!!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka The Crazy Dame


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