Day 64: Suckage

I really do suck. If you’ve ready my post on things I’m bad at as an adult I have an addendum; I’m terrible when it comes to keeping my phone charged. Ordinarily I wouldn’t think that was necessarily a bad thing, but seeing as my blog posts rely on my phone being on we have a problem. Yesterday was the worst, my phone died 2 hours before I made it home and then I had to wait an eternity for it to charge enough so that I could turn it on, slam out the fee words I graced you with, and post the blog without it dying. It too so long I almost fell asleep. Which is another problem, I think there may be something wrong with my phone.

I don’t feel like I’m on my phone all that much during the day, but it’s been eating up my battery life like crazy. Right now as I’m writing this it is 8:41 am, my phone has been unplugged for approximately 4 hours and it’s at 78%. I checked Facebook first thing this morning, sent out a few emails, answered some text messages, and now I’m typing this out. Maybe I’m just not well versed in phone battery life, but I feel like my phone used to go more than 12 hours without dropping so dangerously low that it just turned off. Maybe I’m crazy. 1st world problem…

I got my couches last night!!! It’s strange that little things like that make me feel more like an adult than the fact that I’ve been paying all my own bills for years. I now own all of the furniture in my house, every single funky piece was paid for by yours truly. It makes me feel accomplished to have my mom’s hand-me-down couches that my dogs have drooled all over out of my house (did u mention that they have serious odor problems…I think they may have been the things stinking up my house.) They are now in my garage, stinking up my work space, my next big endeavor will be to get them cleaned up and put into storage if my mom still wants them, if not I’ve got to figure out how to get rid of them.

My new funky green couches are small, smaller than I thought they were, by small I mean they are so low to the ground, but so cute I’m going to over look the fact that they need to be raised like 6 inches or so to not look like miniature furniture. But they are mine!!

Tomorrow is the big garage sale, so I need to rest up and please keep your fingers crossed for me that the day goes super fast.

Caloric intake: 1,728
Calories burned: probably very few

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!
Chels aka the Crazy Dame


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