Day 65: Tomato

The garage sale was a success and being out of the office made my day go by so quickly. Only downside, I have a sunburn. Apparently 25 years of being a fair skinned milk person has not taught me that I need to be wearing sunscreen at all times..oh well. I’ll be red for a couple of days and then back to my usual pale self.

I don’t really have anything planned for the next few days, although I have a list of things a mile long that I could work on. I think I’m going to just clean the house and lounge tomorrow. I’m beat. 5 days on of my 12 hour shift bullshit has worn me down.

Do you ever have dreams so vivid you could swear they had actually happened? Every once in a while I have a morning dream of my daily routine and today that dream was so detailed I was late. My dreamy self thought that I had gone to get my clothes from the dryer, brushed my teeth, washed my fave, and just needed to grab my keys to leave before I finally woke up. It was already waaaaay past the time I need to leave my house to make it on time, so I sent off a courtesy text and arrived at work 15 minutes late. It really threw off my freaking groove for a bit, but the day is over now, so I’m off to dreamland once again without the worry of pesky alarm clocks ruining my rendezvous with Mr. Right.

Caloric intake: 2,016
Calories burned: who knows, there’s not input for walking in circles to help people find prices, while running back to my phones every time they rang…I’m sure it was some.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

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