Day 66: Peppermint

I’m sitting in my new chair, it so comfy I really don’t want to get up, but I need to finish moving my furniture back into my living room. I decided that instead of just cleaning my living room like I normally would that I should move everything out and clean the room from top to bottom. I’m do glad I did. The room smells amazing now and even though it was a serious bitch to move all the furniture by myself it looks great. Since the large/main couch is so much smaller than the original couch we had I shifted everything closer to the side of the room the TV is stationed. I think the couch, love seat, chair, and ottoman all put together are just barely the size of the monstrous sectional we had in here before. It looks so much larger and I’ve got ore options for how I want the furniture arranged whereas before the couch really only fit in my living room in one spot.

I think the dogs are still confused, but who cares!! The smelly ass couch is gone and it’s not coming back (still in the garage…hehe). The only problem I face now is I have to start adding stuff to my gallery wall to compensate for the height of my couches, which let’s be honest isn’t a huge deal. I just means that I get to shop for things for me! I’ve already got a few goodies in the garage that I know I can spruce up and bring in here to start filling the space and tomorrow I’ll go check out my thrift stores and see what there is to see.


See all that space, that is no bueno. Don’t mind the dog food, I was feeding the babies.

Another thing I need to find is some kind of side table or shelf for the wall behind the large couch. I pulled it off the wall about 3 feet and I just feel like that wall needs something now. I’ve got an old headboard that I spray painted hanging on the wall, but now with the space between the back of the couch it seems a little strange.  It could just be me. I may force a few friends to come over and get opinion, but in the mean time I’m going to look for a small couch table or book shelf to fill the area.


Lois approves of the new couches.

I still have to clean the rest of my house, but I really just don’t want to…the only reason I know I will is because I want the entire house to smell of sweet peppermint. I bought some new Castille soap today while grocery shopping. I’ve never used it before, but I was reading a blog the other day about all the different ususes, so I figured if would give it a try and see how it goes. So far it’s great!

I followed the directions and diluted it down to use as an all purpose cleaner which I used on the couches. The leather/pleather/vinyl (I’m not sure what it is…but I love it) is so soft now and clean and the mirrored side table I used it on is sparkling. I also used the formula listed on the side of the bottle on my floors, no sticky residue, and the tiles look so clean, of course I added the cleaning vinegar I’ve been using on my floors so they are shiny too. Just cleaning with the stuff made the room smell great. It’s been over an hour now since I finished moping and just a moment ago when I walked back in from the garage I could still smell the peppermint going strong. Love.

As of 8, I haven’t finished cleaning the rest of my house…bleh.

Caloric intake: 1,907
Calories burned: 751

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

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