Day 67: Mt. Smelly Socks

The babies and I just had lunch, of course you know by babies I mean my 2 dogs. It’s currently 11:45 am and my whole house is clean, smelling wonderful, and I’ve got the rest of the day to work on the monstrous mountain of laundry piled up next to my washer.

I’m considering turning my bar car into a dog bed, Lois already used the bottom portion as her personal little hide out and her little nails are tearing up the paint and probably scratching the glass.


See what I’m talking about. I think I really need to repaint the entire thing because chompers has done a little damage to the upper portions as well.

I went to one of my local thrift stores this morning to look for fabric to use for a dog bed. My poor babies are always just lying around on the couches or floors and I think they need a little space of their own.


I’ve got an old suitcase I bought last year to use for a table, but because it’s got a slanted design it’s not really suitable for a table, so let’s the transformation begin!!!


Lois already approves of her new bed and it’s not anywhere near finished. Silly girl.

I added a lamp to my little love seat area and it really just tied the entire wall together.  I still need to obviously add a few pieces closer to the top of the couch, but for now it looks great!


I accidentally ordered curtains…I was searching for white or light colored curtains to replace the ones currently hanging in my living room. There’s nothing wrong with the ones I have now, but they are a teensy bit busy and I was to create my own custom curtains that match me and my space a little better. I’m thinking of doing a sort of ombre-esque thing. Spring is almost upon us so I want it to look light and breezy like I wish my life was. My new curtains should be here tomorrow sometime and once I wash them once I’ll start working on them.

Today was zumba Monday of course and after cooling down I decided to start working on my thighs. They used to be my favorite body part because no matter how jiggly the rest of me was my thighs were rock solid, but I’ve noticed since I stopped working out and gotten even worse at eating well my thighs have started to turn to jello and develop noticeable cellulite. I’m sure it was bound to happen, but it still makes me sad. So I’m back to toning my backside and thighs, I started slow because I’m not trying to be limping around for days because I put to much strain on my knees. I did 50 regular ole squats in my living room while the dogs peered quizzically at me and then did lunges up and down my hallway (total of 20). Tomorrow we shall see if I can still move.

Another thing I’m started today was a 30 day trial of herbalife, I know that you’ve read about my experiences with the brand thus far and are probably wondering why the hell I would waste my time and money, but I’m just curious, so I got a 30 day supply of the shake mix and tea and started today. Of course I didn’t use milk or just plain water, I opted for coconut water and frozen strawberries and it wasn’t awful it was tolerable and borderline good. The tea just taste like unweet tea which is fine with me. So I’ll keep you posted about progress and let you know as we go along what I think about the brand and it’s products.


Here goes nothing.

Caloric intake: 2,078
Calories burned: 1,476

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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