Day 72: Almost There

Thankfully after today is over I will only have 1 more day to work this hitch! Yay! Let me tell you right now that the only thing we have planned for my days off is to get my storage building cleaned out and in some kind of order. I’ll probably start on that grueling task tomorrow on my way home from work. If I stop by I can load up some boxes to sort through at home. I’m predicting that I’m going to be trashing a ton of stuff, but I guess we will see.

I brought my lunch to work of course, chicken taco burrito bowl, but I’m considering leaving that for tomorrow and treating myself to a delicious sandwich from my favorite deli/meat market.

I started my very own squat program today, maybe program is too strong a word, more like squat goals. I’m vowing to you and myself that I will do 100 squats everyday for the next 7 days, after that we may bump it up to 150 or so. The secret to why my thighs are not shaking in terror at that thought is I’ve got a plan, I’m going to accomplish my 100 squats is to do them while I’m in the bathroom. I know that sounds weird, but I promise that it works and makes it so much easier to get all those daunting squats done with no fuss. Every time I go to the bathroom I do 20 squats before and after I finish my business. Let me tell you that I drink a bunch of water everyday. That’s 40 squats a set, so depending on how quickly I get them done today I may revise my goals to add lunges. Lunge is a word that does strike fear in my thighs and heart, I loathe lunges more than I loathe anything else in this wide world.

Work has been slow, not only in the sense that it takes for fucking ever to get through my 12 hour shift, but the amount of work we have has been low. Yesterday I started sending people home at 10 am, I only wish I could send myself home. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be stationed at my other desk to get all my extra stuff finished up, so tomorrow will hopefully fly by.

I’m feeling a little sleepy this morning. It’s just about 8 am here, I’m about to go grab my container of strawberries and pineapple and hope that snack wakes me up.

Breaking out my coloring book to pass the time, my job is so hard. Haha. I’ll also tell you that I’m currently watching Monsters Inc.

I finished my squats before 12 pm today, but could not bring myself to start doing lunges,perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps never.

In about 20 minutes or so I should be leaving the office to head home. Once I reach that destination I am going straight to bed. Tonight I lose an hour of sleep to mistress daylight savings time and I intend not to be sleepy at work tomorrow. Tomorrow is also dress like a hobo day at work, so lucky me I get to come to work in my pj’s and ball cap.

That being said I bid you ado early today.

Caloric inatke: 2,196
Calories burned: very few

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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