Day 73: Funday

It’s finally Sunday and my last at work. Going to bed early last night was a fantastic idea, go Chels, because 4 am came like a freaking freight train this morning. Right now I’m wearing floral sweat pants that don’t match anything, in my opinion anyway, I wore a black shirt to match my soul.

So let’s talk about my online dating thus far, it’s ridiculously weird. That’s the only way I can describe it from my point of view. I’ve had a few guys message me things that I think are completely inappropriate to say to a stranger. To most of them I’ve said, “would you say that to my face?” You would not believe how many of them said something very cheesy and along the lines of, yeah baby. That makes me wonder if I went out, like in public, at a bar or where the kids go to meet people would guys come up and say these cheesy gross pick up lines. I’m already way over trying this out. It’s been 3 or 4 days now, but I’m over it. I knew already that I really didn’t think that online dating was for me.

I’m not obsessed with social media, for the most part I’m not even a fan of social media. I seriously consider deleting my Facebook profile every single day. The world we live in has become a place where everyone thinks that they need to share everything they do because they need validation. Again I realize that this must sound hypocritical coming from the girl who has a blog, but I will again point out that I’m not doing this for validation, if I was I would have quit by now because only one fucking person reads this everyday and she doesn’t even like me.  I try not to judge people, of course I’m terrible at not judging, but girls who constantly post photos of themselves because they want others to tell them how pretty they look, or post something in the way of self deformation so that someone else will tell them that they are wrong, it makes me sick. If you went to my Facebook page right now you would see funny stuff or stupid things or pictures of my dogs (mostly pictures of my dogs) that I’ve posted, that’s what I use Facebook for, well that and to stalk people. I’ll admit that it feels good when someone likes my posts or comments, but we shouldn’t need that constant validation from others. I’m probably babbling again, but the jist of what I’m saying is, I just want to be happy with myself and not need anyone else to tell me what I should be happy about or sad about or be ashamed of or be proud of. I’ll make my own decisions about how I’m living my life and make adjustments accordingly.

Wow…is just don’t know when to stop talking some times, but this case of diarrhea mouth got started because of online dating. The bottom line is, it’s not for me. I paid for a one month subscription, so I’ll use it for one month and of course give updates on how it’s going, but I’ve got no expectations. Actually that’s not true, I’m expecting it to reaffirm my belief that I’ll never meet someone online.

Let’s discuss goals. Since beginning this blog I’ve stuck to a few of my goals and completely neglected others. I have blogged everyday, overlooking that one stupid day WordPress decided to fuck me up. My procrastination is just as rampant as it’s always been, I’ve made no headway. I am eating healthier most days, of course to help me stick to eating better there are days where I splurge and eat things that I’ve been craving. We can check off more active because what I’ve been doing us more than I was doing, I can do better and I intend to do better. Be more organized? Ha! Nope, my planner just sits in my purse. I’d like to believe I’m more fiscally responsible. My credit score has gotten better, I’ve got evidence of that because for the first time since becoming an adult I was approved for a credit card, which I am going to use to make my credit even better. I am probably even less adventurous now than I was at the beginning of the year. The one goal that I’m most upset that I haven’t made any leway in is finishing a novel. The only stuff I’ve written is this blog, that’s it. I’ve thought about writing, but I’ve yet to even open one of my current projects and worked. It’s been 2 months and change since I started this journey and the progress that I have made just makes me want to work harder. I’m going to get my ass to work and hopefully the next time we review these goals and pregress made it will be more positive and less depressing.

We played volleyball today! Easily my favorite sport to watch and play. An hour and a half later I was super sweaty, out of breath from laughing, and so happy that I was able to get a group together to play.

Now I’m chillin on my couch with a piece of talipia and cabbage watching Bob’s Burgers. I need to shower, I’m stinky and covered in sand.

Caloric intake: 1,863
Calories burned: 1,144

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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