Day 74: Doggy Bed

I finished the doggy bed!!


Doesn’t she look adorable? She kept moving everyone I tried to take her picture



And my pretty little man. Good news, they both love their new bed! Maybe instead of changing the bottom of the bar into a bed I should just use another suitcase. It looks super fucking cute and it kind of matches the room. I have another suitcase in storage, so I guess be on the lookout for bed 2, which by default will be better than the first because I am always learning.

I took a supper long nap today. I really shouldn’t have, but I was getting very drowsy  and I figured, eh what the hell I can nap if I want to. So 1.5 hours later I woke up feelin great and now I need to start dinner. I’ve got a friend coming over to talk about a surprise party she’s planning, so I’m going to make dinner for the 2 of us and then go pick up a dresser that someone is getting rid of and I’m hoping to transform that into either a new TV Stand for my living room or a bench.

I’ve been on the search for a dresser to replace my current TV Stand because I’m just not a fan of it anymore. I could probably just repaint it, but with the height of the current cabinet I could just move it to behind the couch to fill the empty space. Fingers crossed that the dresser is taller than the current thing in my living room.

I loaded up boxes from the storage building and later after it gets cooler ( because it was hotter than the devil’s asshole today) I’ll start sorting through them and pick up a few more.

Caloric intake: 1,703
Calories burned: zippo

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!

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