Day 77: Obsessed

It’s my last day off, so let’s get this shit done. Food prep went super smooth and only took about an hour and some change today!  Instead of making a shit ton of chicken this time I only cooked enough for my 4 meals and a little extra. I don’t know why the hell I didn’t do that sooner. After food prepping I ate some of the left over chicken stir fry I made. Yummy.

Now I’ve got a headache, which has become a pattern. Over the last 4 days I’ve developed a headache around the same time every fucking day. I hope this isn’t going to keep happening because I swear if I get a headache tomorrow while at work at 2 pm I’ll cut off my own head.

One load of the stuff I needed to donate has been dropped off, I’m sure that by the time next week comes I’ll have more because I still have a few boxes to sort through in storage as well as some things in my own home that I know I don’t really need any longer.

Today’s other conundrum is less perplexing than the daily headaches, but still worth mentioning. Lois has been completely obsessed with me the past couple of days.


Right now I’m stretched across the couch and her head is resting on my thigh. Each time I’ve taken a few moment (hours) to sit down she’s put her head on my thigh and just laid there. Putting aside the fact that I may very well be just a very comfy pillow, she’s been following me around. Maybe I should just be flattered, but it’s weird. Usually both of the dogs would rather lounge on the floor than sit with me, but she has been all over me like white on rice. It cute, until she’s following so closely that I’m tripping over her rather large body while trying to get to my bedroom.

I really don’t want to do anything else today. I’d very much like to go take a long nap, but it’s almost 4 pm and if I go to bed now I’ll be awake at like 1 am, so I gotta find something to do until at least 8.

So to kill time I went walking and then had dinner with a friend. After which I ran to HEB to grab a few more things before I head back to work in the morning. Ugh, so now it’s 9 pm and I need to be getting off to dreamland. Nighty night!

Caloric intake: 1,471
Calories burned: 588

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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