Day 80: Disappointment

Today was weigh in day and a major disappointment. Why I keep the stupid fucking scale in my bathroom is a mystery. I guess I like feeling disappointed. According to that blasted scale I’ve gained weight since last week, it is utterly frustrating. So I’m going to throw the scale back into my brothers bathroom and forbid myself from going in there again to use it for at least a month.

For a moment, okay more than just a brief moment, I thought, what the hell am I doing all this for if that stupid number is going to just go up? I worked out a little more than I have been last week and ate normally, okay that’s kind of a lie, I snacked more than usual at home because it was entirely too hot to work out in the garage, so I spent more time that usual lounging about in my hosue, which lead to boredom snacking.

I feel like a derailed train. It’s a feeling that needs to be overcome, so let’s overcome. Remember that the way you feel is more important than numbers on a scale. Truth be told I haven’t been feeling that great, I swear on my last set of days off I had so much energy, I was happy, feeling great, and stayed busy, but this time I was sluggish and sickly. I napped 3 of my 4 days off and I have a feeling I know why. It’s been a couple of weeks now since I started using herbalife and the only difference I’ve felt is a change in my energy level. All last week I felt great and previous to that week I’ve felt great, but this week I’ve felt like shit.

The horrible way I’ve been feeling could also be attributed to the shitty snacks I had last week. I’m only going to give this herbalife stuff one more week and if I don’t feel an improvement in myself I’m going to stop using the shakes.

On a sort of related note I want a fucking cheese burger. On a more up to date note, I had a fucking cheese burger and it was wknderful.

Caloric intake: 1,549
Calories burned: zilch

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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