Day 81: Decision Time

I made a decision just a few moments ago that I didn’t even realize I was going to make  until I said it aloud. I felt so much better every day when I was making my own yummy smoothies and since I stopped doing that I haven’t liked the way I’ve felt, so I just offered my herbalife to someone at work and I’m going back.

I’m sure you think I’m a wishy washy bitch, and I will admit that I can be, but the reason I was on the fence about stopping yesterday was because I was still thinking it could work, but after letting all the information I’ve absorbed this weekend sink in I realized that it was wrong for me. It may work for some people, I’m happy for those people, but it’s not working for me.

Something that was preached, I use that word because it was really was preached over and over and over again, on one of the channels I watched was that our bodies need sugar (from natural sources) in order to run efficiently and last night while I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep it clicked in my head that my smoothies were higher in glucose that these herbalife shakes (I’m sure it could be argued that I could very well just add more fruit to the herbalife shakes, but it’s not enough), but they packed a harder punch and got my body working the way it is supposed to run.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned what my snacks mostly consist of, but it’s fruit and veggies for the most part, which an afternoon kick of dried sausage and cheese most days. Eating my fruits and veggies makes me feel better especially because I can eat more of them. So tonight when I go grocery shopping I’ll be loading back up on my smoothie ingredients as well as different varieties of fresh fruits and veggies so I can find more things that I like.

I’m tired of going in the wrong direction, so I’m taking a left up ahead and putting myself back on the right path (or what I perceive to be the right path at this time) to a happy and healthier Chelsea.

There’s always new information being offered, so I’m sure we’ll have more of these posts where I talk about some new things I learn and whether or not I put that information to use in my life.

Today is zumba day! It’s also my friday, so let me tell you that today is a good day (optimistic Chelsea @ 9 am). Work is super busy, but right now I’m living for the bright and shiny hope that it won’t get crazy before it’s time for me to depart. As of right this minute I’ve got about 480 minutes left!!

I survived another week of work! Now to enjoy my days off!! We’ve got soooooooooo many great projects to get done this week. 1. I need to go switch storage units (I’m downsizing finally) 2. Paint my table!!!
3. Refurbish the free dresser I was given into a cool new TV stand. 4. Go shop for new/used goodies at our local thrift stores. And I’m sure before the 4 days is over I’ll find a few more things to do. Yay!

Caloric intake: 1,887
Calories burned: 1,014

Until tomorrow,  stay wonderfully wild!

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