Day 82: Feeling It

As I sit on my couch waiting for dinner, oh god I just looked at the time. What the fuck Chelsea you’re eating dinner at 9 pm…this is so not good. Shit. Well fuck it’s already in the oven, so I’m eating, guess I’ll just have to stay up a little later than planned.

The reason for the late dinner is that today is Tuesday and hopefully from here on out Tuesdays will be volleyball days. We played for about an hour and some change, I need for more friends…it was just me, my siblings, and my brother in law. 4 people doesn’t make for the most invigorating game.

What I was going to say before I realized what time it was, is that I feel like I was productive today and I feel like myself again.

This morning I went grocery shopping and picked up a new assortment of fruits to nibble on, among them are bananas. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned what a little bitch I can be about the texture of some foods, but it really gets me. Bananas are one of those foods that I’ve never been able to make myself eat. First it was just the texture, it made me gag, but the last time I tried all the dam thing did was touch my tongue and I started gagging. So, tomorrow I’m going to throw one in my smoothie and hope for the best.

After grocery shopping I went to lunch my a friend, this will be the only time I eat out this week, last week I went out more than I should have.

Then I worked on my table!


It’s beautiful, great picture right? Ha. I was going to show you pictures on the progress I made today, but now I think I’m just going to wait until it’s done, which should be tomorrow or Thursday, and just show you the steps all at once. It’s going to be wonderful!

I didn’t have any tired slumps today, no naps, and I really only sat down on my couch for a few moments until now.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got 2 books in the mail today! I’ve been neglecting my mind recently, so I ordered a few books (trashy romance novels for now) and I’m going to get back to reading. Unfortunately, both look a little on the slim side so I’ll probably finish both in no time, but that means I could do a book review! Not that anyone would read my review, but I’ll do one anyway.

Oh my goodness my dinner was yummy. I could seriously eat jasmine rice every single day. My chicken could have used a bit more sauce, but it was tasty and of course the asparagus was delicious!

Caloric intake: 1,041
Calories burned: 1,127

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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