Day 86: Small Miracles

Today went by so quickly and you know I’m always thankful for a quick work day.

Exciting news! Word Press just informed me that I have a follower! Thank you so much! Go team Crazy Dame, we’re now a family of 6 rather than just me and my 4 imaginary friends.

Other good news, I did some writing today. I was spurred on by the though that if the awful book I read this week can get published there is no reason for me to think that something I have written isn’t at least worth submitting for consideration. I read through one piece I started working on last year, did some editing, and then the characters started talking to me again. I was able to get out an entire chapter in between phone calls and other work nonsense.

After lunch I worked on another piece that was started even earlier than the other, it’s more complex, so I have to really concentrate to get Annabelle (the heroine) to tell me where she wanted to go. I didn’t get a ton of work done on that one, but now that it’s fresh in my mind the car ride home was full of ideas that I know are going to make it super easy to sink back into it tomorrow and get some real work done.

As you know if you’ve made it this far with my on the blogging journey is that one of my goals was to have one of my novels finished by the end of the year and today was the first day this year that I’ve made any real progress toward that goal.

Thank the creative gods for blessing me today and to the muses for touching me while I was at work. I’m so excited about today’s progress that I almost can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow (dear god, am I running a fever) so I can continue where I left off. Just for clarification, I’m not excited to go to work, I’m excited because I’ll have access to a computer and have it all to myself for 12 hours. I really need to get a laptop, which is why I just took mine to my brother to see if he could figure out what the malfunction is, but of course one of the dogs destroyed the cord without my knowledge. Now I’ve got to take it to work with me tomorrow because we have the same brand of laptop, charge the dang thing, and then bring it home to see if Bub can indeed fix the problem. If not, I really need to start looking into getting a new one. Bleh.

Really hate spending money, but it would be much more beneficial to my writing if I had a way to write from home other than my phone. Not to mention the fact that the options for editing my blog are much more extensive from a computer. I guess I could always tell my family that what I want for my birthday, nope I’m not even going to finish that thought. I could never ask for something so pricey for a gift. Stuff like that makes me uncomfortable. Besides, I’ve already hinted at some concert tickets that I want, I’m seriously hoping someone gets them for me.

There was a full banana in my smoothie this morning and I didn’t vomit!!! Hooray for Chels! May not seem like a big deal, but bananas and I do not have a great history. The texture of them has always made me gag to the point that even when I tried them frozen just the taste brought back memories of the horrid texture and I started to gag. Yucky. But 2 days ago I added a half of a banana into my smoothie and didn’t die, so today I worked up the courage to just add in the entire thing. Small steps.

I’ve also discovered I like nectarines and I can tolerate pears, but I really need a firm one because once they start to ripen they get this gross mealy texture going on and ugh it makes them hard to eat. That is about as adventurous as I have gotten so far with my fruit exploration. The next fruit I was told to try, by someone who has the same aversion to weird textures, is halos, never had luck with citrus fruits, but neither has she and she actually likes halos. We shall see.

I still need to light distress my wonderful new table, stain the top, and the seal the whole thing, so don’t expect to see my post on that until maybe Wednesday. I may even borrow my sisters fancy camera and take so good photos of it set up in the house, but don’t cross your fingers.

Caloric intake: 2,107
Calories burned: nada

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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