Day 89: Roots

Let me start by telling you that my face felt amazing last night and even better this morning. I’m feeling a little oily now, but that’s partially because like I mentioned I’m out of toner and prone to be an grease monkey.

I’m free of work for another 4 days!!

I’ve got an appointment to have my hair done tomorrow, thank goodness because my roots are getting a little out of control. Let me tell you that having bleach blonde hair when you’re naturally a brunette is the pits when your roots grow out. I just washed my hair last night and my roots look super greasy just because of the contrast in color. I was planning on having purple put throughout, but now I think I’m just going to have her do the regular lightening all over and then I’ll come home and dye it purple myself.

I’m cooking dinner for myself, my brother just left, which means I get to have all the bacon wrapped jalapeños to myself! That’s right, I said bacon wrapped jalapeños. If I could just eat them everyday I would, but of course that would be detrimental to my health, so I have them at least once a month. I’m also making fish and potatoes.


Doesn’t it look so yummy? I promise it was ridiculously delicious.  The dogs are trying to make me feel guilty for not sharing, but I feel no guilt today. Ok, maybe just a little bit. There little faces are just so cute. 😦

Tomorrow morning I’ll be distressing my stool and table, waxing, and staining the top. Hopefully we’ll finish everything before it gets too late and I’ll be able to get some good photos. Last night I had the insane thought of asking a friend of my brother’s, she’s a model, to follow me out and take some really cool and fun photos with my table, but that seems a little strange. Right? Eh.

Once the table is done we will move on to the dresser that were transforming into a TV stand. I was contemplating doing another ombre thing, but with a turquoise or minty color. I think it would look really cool on both the dresser and movie shelf.

Now that dinner is done, I’m going to go into a food coma for a bit with a face mask on. I’m sure the dogs won’t want to cuddle with me, but I’m going to make them. Haha.

Busy days ahead friends.

Caloric intake: 2,156
Calories burned: not a fucking one

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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