Day 92: Anticlimactic

If you haven’t already, go read the blog entry I wrote about all the things I’m bad at as an adult. One of my numerous downfalls is that I’m terrible at time management and anticipating how much time a project should take me.

The blog entry you should be reading is still in draft mode because I failed yet again to finish my table today. I failed to finish anything today other than my food.

My dresser still needs the inside of the drawers painted, knobs, and to be waxed. The table I feel like I’ve been working on for my whole fucking life at this point still needs a layer of wax on the top and the stools aren’t quite finished. I swear tomorrow you will get to read the blog all about my table, but for today you’ll have to settle for reading about my wasted day.

I say wasted because nothing that I wanted to get done got done. I woke up sort of early, managed to get all the crap in my house back to storage (hey I did accomplish one thing on my ridiculous list), had lunch with friends, and then it feels like the rest of the day just got away from me.

The only good news I have is that I’ll be doing another show in June on my birthday and I snagged 2 great chairs from a local flea market for only 5 bucks a pop.


The backs caught my eye, so I had to stop and ask how much they wanted for them. I almost leapt for joy when he said $5 for each one, of course I had no cash on me so I had to sweet talk the elderly gentlemen into holding them for me so I could go rob a bank, I mean go to the ATM. He also had a third chair which doesn’t really go with the funky 2 pictured above but, was still a nice chair and a little end table that was too cheap to pass up.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the chairs, but now that I know I have have a show coming up I’ll hang on to the until inspiration hits and transform them into treasures. The side table I’m going to use in my house. I saw this mirrored dresser tutorial a while back on YouTube and it turned out so beautifully I’ve been searching for something to recreate that look and I think I finally found it in this little table. I’m going to mosaic broken mirrors on the top and give the entire thing a few coats of paint. Don’t expect to see that anytime soon, I’m not planning on working on anything else, with the exception of the dresser and table of course, until after I come back from Dallas.

I’m in pain! My back has been hurting all damn day. No matter what position I put myself it there’s a twinge that develops and slowly evolves into a deep throbing or stabbing pain. I’m hoping rest tonight and a not too strenuous day tomorrow will get me back to good by time Monday rolls around.

Early day tomorrow because I’ve got to finish the table, finish the dresser, prep my lunches for the week, and get my house back in order. Jeez, I’m so looking forward to all of that.

Night folks!

Caloric intake: 1,465
Calories burned: no idea

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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