Day 93: Drumroll Please

Here is my new kitchen table!! Fina-fucking-ly! I’ve been working on this blog post for 2 fucking days now because this project was supposed to be done forever ago. I seriously need to manage my time better or get better at juggling. Probably botb.


Oh isn’t it just the loveliest thing you’ve ever seen? I’m so in love with the way this came out. It makes me want to ombre everything! Ahhhh. Okay, settle Chelsea. On to the tutorial.

Here is what we started with.


Plain little counter height pedestal table and 4 stools. There was nothing wrong with this table. It is super stury, very heavy, and  cute on its own, but it needed a little pizzazz. Why I’ve been obsessed with pink lately I don’t know (friends are joking it’s because my abnormally high testosterone levels are finally dropping and I’m becoming a woman all over again), but I’ve been obsessed with pink and this little unsuspecting table was the perfect candidate to showcase my newest obsession.

I started by painting the entire pedestal white, I wasn’t sure exactly how the ombred pinks were going to go on, so to be safe I just put down a white coat first.


I debated for a few hours about this result. I loved the white so much I almost scrapped the pink idea entirely and left it white, but I wanted to experiment so I forged on.


Bad lighting I know…sue me.

I already had a can of pink paint (literally have had it since 2012) for a few terse minutes while stirring I wondered if paint went bad, but mine looked okay…also we know I’m lazy and cheap, so I really did not want to go and pick a new pink. In this particular photo that top portion is just the pink paint straight up, I later added a little of the white to it because I wasn’t entirely happy with the color. The middle portion is 2 parts white to one part pink, after mixing that up I almost just painted the entire thing with that baby pink, it’s darling.

I applied 2 coats of each color trying to overlap them to get a good gradation, which was super hard with the curves, but I managed. While it was drying I just went back in with a brush and dry brushed the colors in the ares where I wanted the gradation to start.


This is after the paint had dried. I let out a happy little sigh because I loved the pinks. I should paint more things pink. Oh, maybe instead of purple I’ll put some pink in my hair!! Just kidding, been there, done that and pink doesn’t fade very nicely in my bleached hair.


I didn’t want this piece to be terrible distressed, so I kept a light hand with the sand paper.


Close up of the minor distressing I did. Don’t you just absolutely love that pink?!

The entire thing got one coat of wax and once that had cured I just buffed the crud out of it.


The stools were much easier to show and get good gradation. With the stools I should have given them a white undercoat, but I didn’t. Oh well, we live and we learn. I painted 3 coats of each color and made sure to paint the spindles to help my color fade.


This was after 2 coats of paint.


3 coats, dear sweet Jesus these pictures are seriously terrible. 😦

The 2 stools got a light sanding as well and then a coat of wax.


After one coat of stain.


Second round of stain, I’m not going to obsess over the way it obviously doesn’t match the top of my table because it doesn’t really matter…at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

Now comes the part that nearly broke my teeny heart, the top.

I sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded and multiple coats of stripper, but the end result shattered my world.


This was after 1 coat of the stain I choose, I was still optimistic at this point. This was my first staining project, but I knew I could layer the stain to get the richness I wanted…yea that was what I thought at least.

The second coat just made everything much worse. It was waaaaaaay to dark, you could barely make out the cool sunburst detailing I fell in love with, and it just looked awful. I don’t have a picture, which is weird because I could have sworn that I took one, you’ll just have to believe me when I say it was bad.

It was at this disastrous stage I gave up on the staining and just decided to paint the top. I had every intention of doing so, because I had just stained the top I wasn’t sure how the paint would apply. Very roughly I sanded the top back and like some kind of voodoo magic it started to look more like what I had envisioned. Of course I charged forward sander blazing and with some elbow grease, vinegar cleaning solution (I discovered this worked almost as well as the sand paper for brining the color back), and I the DIY gods smiling down on me I finally got it looking good enough that I wouldn’t need to cover the top with paint.


Here is what I ended up with after all my hard work. Comparing the two photos they may look similar, but rest assured this is much nicer and something I can live with. Though I still wasn’t happy with those trim bits, so I went ahead and painted those.


Briefly I considered using one of my pinks here, but thought the white would make the top pop more. That outer trim got 3 coats of paint, I wanted it to be very opaque over the stain.



This is after a little distressing and a waxing. Only thing left at this point was to let the wax cure and bring it inside! Yay!


Please ignore the tiny pile of trash…I just swept this area to move the table in and didn’t realize it was in the photo…needless to say I did not get my house cleaned today.



I’m am soooooooo in love with my table. It was touch and go there for a bit, but we made it through and it turned out wonderdully. Deep sigh of relief.

Oh man, it has been a long day. I managed to prep my lunches for the week. Way to go me…

The dresser is kind of done as well. I gotta get some knobs for the drawers, I did grab some from Walmart that were wooden because I thought having drawer pulls that blended in with the drawer would be cool, but the stupid things do not want to cooperate with me! The entire thing has already been waxed, so the only things left to do are put the drawer pulls on and line the drawers with contact paper.

I did not manage to get my house cleaned or bathe the dogs, but it’s too late to worry about that now. Maybe I’ll get then bathed sometime this week…maybe they’ll just be dirty birds for another week.

I’ve ombred my hair, never been a huge fan of the ombre hair thing, but in the case of my purple hair I think it turned out great and it will fade very nicely.

Okay folks I seriously need to get to bed. I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below. Have a fabulous night!

Caloric intake: 1,943
Calories burned: very few

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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