Day 95: Brick Wall

It’s time to step up my game. I’ve been hovering at the same weight for 2-3 weeks now. Like always the first few pounds kind of seemed to just melt off, but now it seems I need to turn up the heat.

Upon returning from Dallas I will be checking out some gyms in my area and signing up to better myself. Can’t even tell you how nervous that makes me. A couple of years ago I went to the gym 2-3 times a week, but since I started on this journey I’ve only been doing zumba regularly, walking occasionally, and lately playing volley ball once or twice a week.

Gyms give me hives, okay it’s not that serious, but I do not like them. Working out for me has to be fun or I end up having to force myself to do it and that’s never good. I know I gotta be at a gym where I can take classes, but honestly even that gives me pause. I’m always worried about people watching me struggle, which I know is neurotic because they’re probably struggling too, but it makes me uncomfortable. I’d also like to find a 24 hour gym and I know there’s only 1 of those in my area and they don’t have classes. There’s also a gym literally right next door to me, buuuuuuuut it’s run by a body builder and I’m so not about that.

I kind of wish I liked working out more. I love the fact that focusing on making sure I’m doing the right moves in zumba occupies all of my brain, so I can’t think about my problems. For an entire hour I don’t have to think about the fact that I’m a broke girl living in a very expensive world. No stressing about work. No wondering if my mother is ever going to think I’m successful. It all just disappears and that is wonderful.

On to the next problem with getting a gym membership, I have to actually go to the stupid gym to sign up. I have to talk to someone about weight loss, a complete stranger or possibly worse, someone I know. Maybe those are all just excuses and I need to get over them, but that’s easier said than done. Problems of an introvert. I seriously wish that you could sign up for a gym membership online, that would make my life so much easier. Introvert or not this is something I’m going to have to do, so bleh.

I’ve hit a wall and in order to break that wall down and crawl across the wreckage I’m going to have to be stronger. My diet hasn’t been bad, I’ve stuck to my morning smoothies, I have fruits and vegetables everyday, and for the most part nothing I eat is high in calories. Though I do have to admit that in the past few weeks I’ve lapsed back into the habit of eating out a little too often, still eating smaller portions, but none the less eating out more which is bad for my wallet and waist. However, I’ve stayed away from the junk food I love, but once again it’s not enough. The angry vegan says caloric restrictions are bad, so I’m not going to cut back on my food.

The massive headache I’ve had all afternoon prevented me from saying more on the subject, but feel free to leave tips, tricks, or comments below on how you stay fit and still have fun.

I packed today because tomorrow I’m probably going to come home and then pass the fuck out. Wednesday is going to be a very looooooooooong day. Night everybody!

Caloric intake: 1,803
Calories burned: 1,014

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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