Day 96: Forget Me Nots

I mentioned last night that I’ve already packed my bad for the trip to Dallas. This serves a few purposes:
1) I know I need to get to bed early tonight
2) There’s still a ton of shit I have to do in order to get ready like cleaning my car out 3) I can be very forgetful when it comes to packing, even when I make lists I always forget something, so by doing everything early I can go over my daily routine and make sure everything is in my bags
4) Pretending I’m prepared makes me feel at ease.

As far as today goes we have a list of things to get done before bed.
1) Clean out my car
2) Shower & shave
3) Double check that I have everything packed
4) Pack a bag of comfy travel clothes to change into tomorrow after work
5) Load everything into the car
6) Force Watson to sleep with me because I won’t see him for 4 whole nights :, (
7) Post this blog that I’m now realizing is just lists…hehe. Aren’t I so interesting?

I’m also now realizing I probably should not bring a packed lunch to work tomorrow for the pure and simple fact that I’m not going home before leaving. Hmm. That would mean either I have to leave my empty containers in my car or at work for 5 days and I really don’t want to do that, so I guess I’m taking my snacks and such home today and not brining anything with me tomorrow.

It’s currently 8:30 pmish here and everything on my list got accomplished! I only have a couple of things to throw in my purse with me in the morning, but other than that my crap is in my car ready to rock and roll.

Still have an incredibly busy day tomorrow, I have to work on my billing because I won’t be back until the day all of my invoices are due…so yeah gotta get that shit done. Work is going to be a very long 12 hours and then we have about 5-6 hours if driving after that. I’ll be a very sleepy girl once we reach Dallas.

Forewarning, tomorrow’s post is probably going to be lame and short. I’ll have to get something worked out while I’m working and post before we’ve left. Don’t wanna risk not making my midnight deadline.

That’s all for today, I’ve got to put my phone down because if I don’t I’m liable to stay awake for another hour or so worrying about tomorow. Night!!

Caloric intake: 2,232
Calories burned: nada

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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