Day 98: Dallas Day 1

It was a a very chill day in Dallas. I sort of slept in on my little air mattress bed away from bed.

We got in late last night, like midnight late, so it was a very good thing I sent off that terrible post last night while we were still in route. Sorry again about that…

After showering we set about town. First we visited Ross to look for pillows and oh my gosh I was in hog heaven! I found an amazing wicker whale that I fell in love with, I shall name him Larry and love him forever, despite the fact that I didn’t actually get to buy him today. I was running low on funds and decided that I wanted the other things I found more.

I bought myself 2 dresses that fit me wonderfully and a metal suitcase that I’m planning on turning into a side table.

After light shopping we had lunch and then continued our shopping. The salvation army we perused was waaaaaay over priced to the point of it being ridiculous to even keep looking at price tags. However, I did find a globe!!! I cannot even tell you how fucking long I’ve been searching for a globe to transform. Now I can! I’m super stoked.

Just about 11 pm here and we just got back from the movies. I’m exhausted. Also, so grateful that where I live I don’t have to go up and down 3 flights of stairs everyday. My calves are probably going to be a little sore by the time I finally make it home.

We’ve got an exciting day tomorrow. Be ready for some cool photos and a hopefully very interesting post.

Night everyone!

Caloric intake: not too terrible, but honestly the number I’ve got isn’t right…but I wasn’t bad I promise.
Calories burned: idk

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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