Day 100: Dallas Day 3

Hey guys, we’ve been together for 100 days! Yay us! Now we’ve only got 265 left.

My day started off early, like way too early for a Saturday. I cuddled back under my blanket pretending like I could possibly go back to sleep until everyone else was awake, but that so didn’t happen. So for about an hour and a half while the other two snores very loudly, I played on my phone.

My hair is on point today. I slept with it wrapped up in a headband with the hopes that my curls would be bouncy and soft. My hopes were answered with beautiful silky soft curls that have gotten me compliments.

More shopping, I swear all I’ve done up here is shop and eat, my checking account shows it I tell you what. I got myself a really cute dress, blue pants, something for my mom, and a skirt/top combo. I fell in love with the skirt, not so much the top, but I just had to have it. No idea what I’m going to wear with the skirt, but I was told a white blouse would be fine so now I gotta find a suitable white top.

Last night I found a really cool Jaws poster, so of course I snatched it up and added it to the collection of crud currently in my car.

I did manage to find a coffee table at a thrift store here for only 15 bucks, big plans for that table. We also visited a Michael’s where I found a few cute things for my room, they were having a massive sale again.

It’s just about 5 pm and we’re resting because we’ve got plans to go to a bar tonight and really live it up. Ha. So I’ll be posting this early because I may or may not be sober enough to remember to post and that would be a real travesty.

I’m so ready to be home. Don’t get me wrong, this little vacation has been fun, but there’s nothing better than being in my own home and own bed.

I think I might still run into Ross tomorrow before we take off south to get the cute sheets I found…or I could always wait…oh who wants to wait?

Just about time to get ready, so I’m going to say goodbye for today.

Caloric intake: 2,067
Calories burned: who knows

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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