Day 99: Dallas Day 2

It may be because spring is finally here or the adorable bedding I saw in target yesterday, but I want to revamp my room. I’ve mentioned before that there’s very little going on in the way of decor and it’s about freaking time that changed.

Target really did mess me up yesterday, they had shark sheets! I almost leapt for joy because juvenile or not I really really wanted them, but atlas it was not meant to be. Of course they were made for children so the largest size they had was full and I’ve got a queen. First time in my adult life I considered going back to a twin size bed. They had tons of other cute bedding though and it got me thinking that it was time for a change.

The sheets I currently have I bought about 5 years ago and they’ve lasted beautifully. The darn things cost me a pretty penny, but they were worth it. To this day they are still silky smooth against my skin, but getting a little drab. So today apart from the other stuff we have planned, I’m on the hunt for new bedding ideas. I’ve already got one fantastic one that will include a DIY for the blog!

Today’s other plans include going back to Ross to reunite with the wicker whale of my dreams, hitting up some fancy pants spa, and dinner with some friends. I’ve only been awake about an hour at this point, but it’s looking like it will be another amazing day.

Let’s start with the most important meal of the day, breakfast. I was taken to Torchy’s Tacos, which I’m told is a staple around these parts.


The sign did not lie, my tacos were damn good!

After our hearty breakfast taco feast we set out to conquer Dallas, well parts of it anyway.


Statue in Deep Ellum Texas. One of the coolest things we saw today.


I don’t know why, but I really, really loved this print. It speaks to me.


Of course I’m always on the lookout for treasures, so we hit up this iconic antique mall, Lula B’s and while it was packed to the brim with neat stuff it was a little out of my price range for flipping.


I did find cute sunglasses for 7 bucks, can’t pass up a deal like that. I could have spent all day just wandering around the treasure trove.

We walked the streets after leaving Lula B’s and the streets of the little community we ventured through was brimming with life and art.


One of the many murals we passed along the way.


Another I loved.

The spa did not allow pictures, so unfortunately I don’t have anything for you to look at while I drone on about my spa day.

It was amazing and oh so relaxing. We started off in the several water jet filled pools. Have you ever had a water massage? I encourage you to try. Next was the trip of sweat. We hopped from sauna to sauna until I was just a mess of sweat. My favorite was the Himalayan Salt sauna, it smelled pleasant, they wanted me to lie down, and the air felt invigorating. Of course that was my favorite after the ice lodge. I spent 10 minutes sitting in a room that was around 58° and it was lovely.

I got over my fear of semi-public nudity. It occurred to me while I stood half naked waiting for the correct size shorts to be brought to me, they gave me a fucking medium for Christ’s sake, we were all women. We’ve all got the same parts just in different shapes and sizes. That made changing so much easier.

Our last stop of the day was dinner and dear sweet baby Jesus Dallas has some good pizza.


Look at all that greasy goodness. God it was good. After that amazingly delicious dinner we stopped to grab movies and now we’re all sitting around watching movies. I of course have a mask on because I’m all about that skin care and after all the grease I consumed at dinner I’m going to need the extra help.

I also went back and bought that wonderful wicker whale from Ross, scored a cute 5′ x 7′ rug for only 30 smackers, a new bathing suit, and a pair of shoes. I call that a successful shopping excursion.

Tomorrow is going to be another jam packed day of food and fun, so it’s time to start winding down.


Caloric intake: 1,678
Calories burned: I mean we walked around a lot, but I didn’t really time it…so who the hell knows.

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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