Day 101: Dallas Day 3.5

The majority of my day was spent in the car driving back home, so forgive me if this post is less than entertaining.

Last night I had so much fun it literally hurt. By the end of the night my entire body was aching from the dancing and laughing. Not helped by the fact that I had to fold myself into our cab when it was time to leave.

All in all this was a very successful trip. I came back with new clothes, cute decor, a table to flip, a clear mind, and a new appreciation for my girly side.

I’m sore and exhausted. I would like very much to have crawled into bed when I got home, but we were out of laundry soap and I didn’t want to have to get up early just to start on my laundry.

Leaving my life behind for a few days has produced a to do list for tomorrow half a mile long. We’ve got to grocery shop, get my tags done, clean my house, move the dresser in, get a door prize ready for our Zumbathon, prep lunches, do my laundry, and bathe my pretty boy because he stinks.

Right now I’m sitting on my couch trying to wind down and then I’m going to bed. I thought about eating dinner, but I’ve been a bad girl today and I’m not really hungry. Honestly my eyes are barely open at this point.

I’m glad to be back at home. It will be refreshing to sleep in my own bed tonight.

Good night everyone!

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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