Day 104: Lois the Terrible

I have a dog that prevents me from having anything nice.


This is the state of my new rug after being on my floor for 2 days. Lois is apparently hungry for thread. Little hoe. I’ve yet to catch the culprit in action, so she still doesn’t know that she’s doing wrong unless she’s picking up on my threatening glares.


Look at her looking at me like she’s so innocent. I’m no fool!!!

Our Zumba-thon went great!  I won some 3d fiber mascara, so I’ll be trying that out tomorrow and let you know what I think. One of my class regulars won my picture holder, so of course I let all of my classmates know that I made it and was asked for cards! WHOOP!

Today was not as tired as yesterday, but I don’t crawl into my bed at 7 pm yesterday. I won’t be getting to bed until much later today due to the fact that I just showered and I’ve got to wait until my hair dries enough to twist back, so I can have beautiful soft curls tomorrow.

My dress got quite a bit of attention. Can’t even count the number of times someone asked me why I was so dressed up. Wait until they see me tomorow! As of right now I’m planning on wearing my black and white wrap dress, so I’ll be even more “dressed” up than I was today.

I managed to down 5 jugs of water today! Go me!! Also wasn’t as hungry today. I made a boo boo though. When I drove up to the civic center where zumba is held I realized I left my blender bottle, lunch bag, and empty containers at work. Way to go Chelsea. Now I can’t have a smoothie for breakfast, I’m predicting that either I’m going to have a taco or I’m going to be starving before the day is over.

My skin has had a few flare ups this week, probably due to the greasy food last week, so I’ve got my detox face mask on right now. Have I mentioned how much I like my skin care products? I love my skin products! They all make my skin feel so fresh and wonderful and soft. Still need to find a moisturizer that works for me, but for now I’m very please with what I’ve got.

I wish my hair would dry faster, I really don’t want to apply heat and I’d very much like to hit the hay early tonight.

Caloric intake: 1,751
Calories burned: 1,268

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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