Day 107: Freaking the Fuck Out

Okay my little wild peeps, I am currently having a mental breakdown. I just sent off a synopsis and the first 3 chapters of something I have been working on for years and now my heart is trying to beat itself out of my chest. Tears started to roll as i was hitting the send button…I think I need to go lay down for a bit, maybe never check my phone again because I am seriously freaking out.

Because I am a mess right now, I didn’t trust myself to give you a good post, so I am just going to paste in the synopsis I sent off.

Good God I really do need to go lay down. Thank you. Of course your comments are welcomed. Love you guys.


Everyone is looking for their happily ever after, Payton has been searching for hers since she was five. Growing up an orphan all she has ever wanted was to belong to someone, to have a family who cared for her, to get one of the happily ever afters she was read. Asher is a detective following in his father’s footsteps, striving to become a great man. Neither expected to find what they were looking for in a girls week in New Orleans.

Payton was just visiting, showing her art in a local gallery and enjoying all the sights and sounds of the Big Easy until she met Asher. Acting as their knight in shining armor against a group of over arduous men, he meets Payton and her two friends. Sparks fly between Payton and their savior leading to a romantic encounter that leaves both of them wanting more. Their happily ever after is interrupted and ultimately postponed when Payton is called back home for an emergency. Flash forward five years and Payton is reluctantly moving to New Orleans to be closer to her gallery and has in tow her son, a little replica of Asher, Ashton. Convinced that even if they were to bump into one another Asher would run the other way to escape the responsibility of being a father, Payton settles them into an apartment in the middle of the bustling city. To her dismay an accident involving their infant son thrust the two back together and she discovers the reason Asher never came for them was because he had no idea his son existed. Asher is taken aback when he learns the woman who haunts his dreams is back in town and his shock mounts when he sees the little boy who shares his eyes. The two, both too proud and hurt to admit their feelings dance around each other while Asher trys to make up for lost time with his son. Their friends, Morgan and Hawk, conspire to reconcile the lovers, but their plans hit a snag when Ashton lets it slip that his father was going to ask a woman out. Payton, not knowing that the woman is in fact her, finds a date of her own and mucks up Asher’s reveal of his longing. When the burglary case Asher and Hawk have been working for months hits a little too close to Payton’s home, he demands that she and their son move in with him until the culprit is apprehended. Sparks fly in the close quarters of his home and the two find themselves succumbing to the passion. Payton confused about where the night leaves the two of them slips away back to her apartment, where she walks in on the burglar ransacking her home. Asher, sensing her departure calls upon his friend to stay at his home with his sleeping son while he chases after Payton, determined not to let her get away again.  A standoff ensues between our hero and the burglar resulting in a shooting that leaves Asher wounded and Payton distraught at the thought that she might lose him. During a tense ride to the emergency room Payton begs Asher to stay with her, not to leave her alone anymore, he all too willing obliges her demands before blacking out. Waking up in the hospital with her slumped in a chair at his side and their son tucked in her lap he finds the words to tell Payton all he has felt for her since the day he met her.

Their story ends with Payton content to belong to Asher, Asher happily handing her his heart, and the news of a sibling for Ashton. And they all live happily every after, finally.





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