Day 113: Alterations

Hello my wonderful darlings! Today started off rocky, but it ended well enough. I kept telling myself that it was my Friday and I could forget I hate my job for 3 days while I was off.

My mom came into town, I should have cleaned my house yesterday because all she’s done is cry because my house is dirty. *deep sigh* oh well. Because mom came down our weekend plans apparently we’re altered.

I guess since we are no longer going where I thought we were I can tell you what I was so excited about. We were going to a tattoo expo! There’s one going on in New Braunfels this weekend, but now mom doesn’t want to go, so instead were going to find goodies for me to redo.

You’ll still get pictures, I promise to remember to take some this time. Hopefully it will be an equally exciting experience to read about.

For now we’re spending a relaxing evening at home. Movies, Chinese food, and popcorn. Girls night in.

Caloric intake: 1,372
Calories burned: none

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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