Day 116: New Things

Hello my wild ones. I hope you’ve had a pleasant Monday. Mine has gone very well.


I finished the movie shelf!! It’s taken me waaaaay to long to do this simple flip. But it’s done. As you can probably see there’s a few spots where my stupid contact paper needs to be smoothed out, but I cannot be bothered to fix the small problem. You’ll also notice that the bottom shelf is empty, that’s because I don’t trust that little hoe Lois. So until she learns to leave things alone, well help her by keeping things off of her level.


This is what the shelf looked like last week when I decided to take it apart. As you can see I had forgotten to take a photo before disassembly. I bought this movie shelf off of Craigslist just under a year ago for $25. Have I ever mentioned that I’m a movie lover? I was so pleased to find this old display shelf!! After getting it home I painted it yellow and glued that floral wrapping paper to the back of each shelf.

After I decided to make a new entertainment center I knew I would have to redo the shelf. The yellow really wasn’t working anymore.


That damn floral wrapping paper was the bane of my existence in this project. The spray adhesive I used really had that crap stuck down. I had to take a scrapper to most of it and then my all over cleaner and a very abrasive sponge to the more stubborn stuff.


To help match our new and adorable TV Stand I painted the outsides and the top of each shelf with the same dark teal paint used on the bottom portion of the dresser.


The underneath of each shelf is painted with the second color on the dresser, you can’t really even see it, but I was running out of the darker color so I had to improvise.

I found some grey and white contact paper at the dollar store for only 1 dollar a roll, so I grabbed 2, which ended up not being enough, and started cutting out the pieces needed to cover the backs of each shelf.


Please ignore the pile of clothing. This is fucking thing was a massive pain to put back together. I tried reassembling last night, but that ended in a cloud of curses and me throwing the screwdriver down the hall in a huff. Today with the help of my brother I got it put back in order with only minor paint damage,  luckily I had paint and a brush on hand just in case. When I tried to put the top piece back on I realized that I was going to have to staple to contact paper down to keep it in place because of the way it hangs down. I also had to bring in my utility knife and do a little trimming of the contact paper in areas.

It looks really cute, but I’m not 100% happy with the placement. The old TV Stand was not as long as the new one, so the caddy corner placement looks a little strange.


Just a close up of my trinkets.


This little dude I picked up during my Dallas trip. He was just a sad and lonely little bookend missing his other half, so for 2 bucks I brought him home and gave him a little make over. Two coats of metallic spray paint and then a light coat of looking glass paint just to brighten him up a bit more. Isn’t he a cutie?

I also got started on a few different projects. I started painting the desk.


Isn’t this a cool desk? Love it.


These are the drawers, look at those drawer pulls!! The desk has a few dings, but I left those because I like the character it gives the desk. Our only other issue was that one of the legs was pulling away a smidgen, so I applied some wood glue and knocked it back into place.

I also started working on this coffee table.


It only needed a few small repairs, some damaged veneer that had to be patched and that was about it for this coffee table.

Just as an update, I did call to find out the cost of a membership at the gym I need to join. It’s $35 a month and I have to pay a start up fee of $45. Sooooooo, I have to have 80 smackers to join the gym, which I won’t have until my next pay day. Until then I’ll just walk in the evenings I don’t have zumba.

I feel like today was a fairly productive day, but tomorrow we have to kick it into high gear. I need to get the house cleaned, do all my laundry, finish the coffee table, prep my meals, and mentally prepare myself for returning to work.

Oh man, I just remembered that tomorrow is my last day off. Noooooooooo. I don’t wanna go back to work. Please don’t make me!

Caloric intake: 1,572
Calories burned: 555

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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