Day 118: Wet Rat

Hello my wild ones! Was your Wednesday wonderful? Mine didn’t suck 100%, maybe about 40 – 50%.

I’m sure you read my pitiful post from yesterday. Still not exactly sure what happened. I’m assuming it was a combination of the elements (allergies blowin about), not enough food (it’s not like I starved myself, I just wasn’t hungry), my period is soon to be upon me, the odd and strenuous positions I had myself twisted in while working on the mirror table, of course the frustration caused by that mirror table, and the resulting headache that I could not shake. I can’t believe I broke down in tears though or that even as I was telling you about it last night I still had silent tears rolling down my cheeks. Okay, maybe not so silent, but would you begrudge me my last shred of dignity?

My headache followed me into today. My hopes of ditching it while I was sleeping, but the stupid jackals wouldn’t leave me alone.

Work wasn’t bad, it was just work and you know how much I hate work. The night shift dispatcher had me worried because she was frantic when I got there, but I should have known better than to trust her judgment. That bitch always be trippin.

I was late today and I showed up looking like a wet rat because I had to shower this morning, but didn’t wake up in time to blow dry after the shower. My hair dried super silky though, so I guess it wasn’t so bad. Tonight I’m going to slightly dampen it and roll it so hopefully it will be curly for tomorrow.

I finally finished getting all the grout off of the mirror pieces in the table, now I think maybe the table is a little too white, so tomorrow after I get home I’ll take a closer look and decide if I want to paint more color onto the table. I’ll be so glad when the damn thing is done.

It’s bed time folks. I still have to make my bed because last night I only slept wrapped up in my blanket on my unmade bed. I’m a disgrace, I know…


Caloric intake: 1,433
Calories burned: 1,014

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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