Day 119: Foul Mouth

Hello my lovely wild ones! I hope all is well in your world today.

For some odd reason the following question formed in my foggy brain during my morning commute: what would I even talk about on a date? No clue where that strange thought came from, but it was a valid question that I pondered nearly all day.

I don’t follow the news. Current events are our of the question because I believe the people presenting us with information can spin it any which way they want, so how can we ever be sure we’re even getting the real story.

I have no interest in politics. People at work are always asking who I’m voting for and I give the same apathetic answer, I don’t vote. Unless an ape is running who is planning on making our lives miserable I don’t see the fuss.

The information I do get about the 2 above topics comes from Facebook or social media.

How in the world would I even have a conversation with a stranger? Not a big fan of talking about myself. I hate that question, so tell is about you. What do you need to know? I’m a foul mouthed, kind hearted bitch with a fondness for animals. That about sums Chelsea up.

So what would I talk about if I found myself on a date? There’s really no sense in worrying about that now, it’s not like there’s a line of guys outside waiting to take me out, I just checked.

Maybe the question was a convoluted signal from my brain that I am ready to start looking for a partner. Maybe I just think about the dumbest shit.

What do you talk about on dates? Help me here people.

Caloric intake: 1,690
Calories burned: 0000

Until tomorrow, stay wonderfully wild!


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